i want to install nmis but i have 2 question?

1- can i install nmis and use it on windows?

2- i didnt work with linux but i i want install and work with nmis , now how can i install nmis in my vmware? (i install wmware in and install  centos and ubuntu but i cant install nmis on them? i dont find any training video on youtube or on this site? i,d be so happy if you help me to find video to install nmis in vmware step by step? i

plzzzzzzzzzzz helllllllllllllllllllllpppppppp


best regard


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      Hi Zein,


      1. http://sins.com.au/nmis/wiki/index.php/NMIS:FAQ#Q._Does_NMIS_work_on_Microsoft_Windows_.28any_version.29.3F
      2. I installed the virtual appliance in VMware vsphere, you'll find it easier than installing centos probably.
        This is how I did it:

      In vSphere, click on the host you want to install NMIS on.

      Now File>Deploy OVF Template

      Point the installer to where you extracted the NMIS package ( this one ) and pick the NMIS8.ovf file

      Next give the VM a name (NMIS8 is a good one)

      Next designate a datastore for the storage requirements, you need 80GB.

      Then click finish

      That's it you've got the package deployed, should be able to power it on.



      Additional links:


      Default Credentials (Passwords) for NMIS8 VM

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        Thanks to Harry for those answers.

        You also asked about a video - we do have some videos:

        Webinar - How to get started with NMIS:  NMIS Setup and Configuration

        More Live Webinars: https://opmantek.com/free-web-seminars/

        Opmantek Community: Community Home    << Look on the right for some webinar links

        Some Recorded Training Sessions on more in depth topics: NMIS Home (see NMIS Training section)


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