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  • Default Credentials (Passwords) for NMIS8 VM
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Open-AudIT Default Credentials

If you are looking for default credentials for Open-AudIT, you can find them @ Information about default users and passwords 

Default Credentials for the NMIS8 VM

Shell/Console Access, SSH

Please note: this is for logging in to the the virtual appliance interactively, i.e. on your VM console or via SSH. This is not the password for the Web GUI!

  • User root, password NM1$88
  • Only in VM releases before May 2017: user nmis, password NM1$88.
    In newer releases the nmis shell account is locked. To restore this access you can run passwd nmis when logged in as root.

NMIS Web Users

These are the passwords for the NMIS Web GUI, which won't work for the VM console or SSH.

  • nmis/nm1888
  • admin/password
  • (VM Appliances before 8.6.0G:  nmisadm/nm1888)

Open-AudIT Web Users

  • admin/password

mySQL root user for  Database

This password is not stored. It is only used to setup the initial Open-AudIT database and can be changed directly in MySQL.

  • root/openauditrootuserpassword 

Changing the Credentials


To change the Console passwords, either login as the user in question and run the passwd command, or login as (or become) the superuser and run passwd otheruser.


# to change the current user's password (which you might want to check by running "id" first
# to change the nmis user password, if you're the superuser
passwd nmis


If you have not  changed the NMIS Authentication configuration, it will be using the default method which are users defined in a file managed with htpasswd.
In all VM Appliance releases since 2015 the htpasswd file is shared between NMIS and the Opmantek applications (except Open-AudIT Community).

The default installation location for NMIS is /usr/local/nmis8 (it may be installed somewhere else, adjust the commands accordingly).

To  update the password for web user SOMEUSER, run the following commands as user nmis or root:

cd /usr/local/nmis8/conf
# use crypt for hashing
htpasswd -d users.dat SOMEUSER
# use apache-specific md5 for hashing, and only for NMIS after 8.5G
htpasswd -m users.dat SOMEUSER

Important: in versions up to and including 8.5G, NMIS only supports crypt as password hashing method. Depending on your operating system your htpasswd program may default to the MD5 method and in that case you must include the -d argument as shown above.

Further info regarding authentication and  user management can be found on the  User Management in NMIS8 page.

Default Credentials for the NMIS4 VM

Start the VM, and Centos V4 should boot to a login screen.

Login as root, the password is documented on the VM Description tab. 

Username: root
Password administrator

Username: nmis
Password: nmis@nmis

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