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The basic configuration on a device using SNMP. In this example, I am using a CyberPower UPS 1500VA. We need to go into the UPS Remote Management and allow SNMPv1 or SNMPv3. We used SNMPv1. So, I need to specify the SNMP community string that will be used to collect. 

We configured it as SNMP community string nmisGig8. 

This is the PDNU that CyberPower used to assign an IP Address for the UPS Remote Management. It was assigned

After you have configurated the CyberPower UPS Remote Management. You can go on CLI and test the communication of your device.

Now you can add Node for your UPS with the configuration info that you created.  

After, you "Add and Update Node" button. That will be the result. 

 How to Tuning your SNMP

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