I am sure there must be a page describing the Backup and Restore procedure, I did find one piece that said to use "./insall.pl backup_only=y" and "./install.pl restore=y" however none seem to work, I am trying to do a one off backup and restore a system from that backup to check this can be done.

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      The reference you found is related to Open-AudIT, are you wanting to back up NMIS or Open-AudIT?

      Assuming NMIS, how are you downloading NMIS?  From our website, you will get a run file that integrates the installer in one step.  Alternately you can run install after downloading the source or extracting the source from the run file.

      When you do an installation you will be prompted to create a backup which will be made in Root's home directory.

      This file can be used for restore by unzipping and copying back the files.

      You could make a simple backup script for the NMIS primary files using these commands:

      cd /usr/local/nmis8
      tar cvzf ~/nmis-backup-date.tgz ./admin ./bin ./cgi-bin ./conf ./htdocs ./install ./lib ./menu ./mibs ./models ./models-install

      This will not have backed up the following folders: database, logs and var.  Those are the larger files and will need a little consideration about how big they are are how you want to manage the files and history, etc.

      To restore your installation using the file from the installation or from the backup made manually, just reverse the backup like:

      cd ~
      mkdir restore
      tar xvf ~/nmis-backup-date.tgz
      cd restore
      cp -r * /usr/local/nmis8

      I hope that helps.


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