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NMIS 9.3.0 test protocol


A total of 245 tests have been run on the NMIS 9.3.0, released on January 12, 2022, finding a total of 4 inconsistencies.

This corresponds to 98.23% of correct tests, while there is 1.77% of inconsistencies.

Found inconsistencies



  • NMIS_IS_LOCKED: NMIS remains active for almost 10 minutes.
To report1
  • Unable to export Runtime Graph history data in NMIS from Adv Export.
To report3
  • Services graphs of a node are not displayed, error messages appear when enabling Services in NMIS.
To report4
  • Support Zip is not generated from the GUI in NMIS.
To report4

Priority: Informative (1), Warning (2), Minor (3), Major (4), Critical (5).

Fixes / Integrations



  • Upgrade jQuery version to 3.6.0 and jQuery UI 1.13. The libraries versions are specified in Config.nmis, these will be updated by the installer.
  • Rename model_discovery tool to model_tool.
  • Added quiet mode list nodes in node admin.
  • Improved check_daemons script and added to a cron job.
  • Changed submit button on top of alert list in events list.
  • Set default nmisd_worker_max_cycles to a initial value of 100.
  • Change last update for last_update in group view (GUI).
  • Improved NMIS 9 support bot. Now it is possible to run it from the GUI.
  • Added support for NTLM Version 2.
  • Added support for the importation of NMIS8 setting into NMIS9.


    • Avoid print Error if graph error in view node.
    • Step not changed in the rrds by default so polling policy different than default was not working properly.
    • Polling policy was corrupted when edited from the GUI. 

Follow-up inconsistencies

Descripción Status
Details of overlapping texts in tables.Fixed by modifying the file /usr/local/nmis9/menu/css/dash8.css.
NMIS_IS_LOCKED: NMIS remains active for almost 15 minutes.It is listed as informational in the current version (9.3.0), as it now takes just over 10 minutes.
When exporting history data from the Runtime Graph, the text "Invalid arguments, missing node!"

Only fixed in Export.

The problem in Adv Export in the current version will be reported as a ticket.

State of the test environment

The test protocol has been executed in an operating environment described below:

Server features

Number of Nodes



6 GB                                


80 GB




CentOS 7


Updated test list document. NMIS 9.3.0 Test Protocol - English.xlsx

Document where inconsistencies are described with the steps to reproduce the problems. Inconsistencies in NMIS 9.3.0.docx

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