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For our next release, Open-AudIT 1.12.6, we will have the ability to use HTTPS from within Discover a Subnet.

For those keen to try this out now, it is a simple matter of replacing two files and using the checkbox on the Discover a Subnet form page.

Download the two attached files.

Move your existing files for a safe backup.






Next copy the two files that you downloaded into those locations.

Now when you go to the Discovery from page you should see an option to 'Use HTTPS'. If you are using HTTPS already to view the webpage, this option will be selected for you already.

When you select to use HTTPS, the discover_subnet.* and audit_* scripts will use HTTPS.

You will also see two other new options - Org and Location. If you choose either of these, any devices discovered will be assigned to the Org or Location. If you do not choose anything, no existing devices Org or Location attributes will be changed and new devices will be assigned the normal Default Org and Default Location.


If the worst happens and everything horribly breaks (it shouldn't, I have tested it), then rename your .bak files to their original name and all will be as before.

As said above, this functionality will be included in our next release.


Download these files below:




Happy auditing,

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