As far as I could tell from the sources and DB the system_key field is used to ensure uniqueness for the devices. However I've encountered 2 - 3 situations in which I'd say the behavior is incorrect.

  1. If the system is not set with "status" to "production" (e.g. it's set to "unallocated") it will create a duplicate entry for the system. In our case, when we buy equipment we scan the barcodes for serial numbers and upload the list using a spreadsheet. When the system is given to the user later on if we forget to change the system status to "production" we will get the spreadsheet (status unallocated) entry as well as the audit entry (status production).
  2. The primary choice for system_key is <UUID_computername>. If it's required we change that hostname the system_key will change thus adding another entry for the same system.
  3. The issue is described here (Details of the machine get replaced with the later audited machine)

Most, if not all of our hardware, reports the serial number correctly when audited. I consider this a better choice for determining the existence of the system in the DB. Is there a way to change the priorities for how the system_key field is constructed and opt for the <equipment-type_serial> as the first choice?

Thank you!

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      Interesting you should ask... What you describe is actually working by design. The next release will do away with the system_key altogether. We will check for a match with:

      • uuid + hostname
      • dbus identifier (linux only)
      • fqdn
      • serial + type
      • mac address (config depending)
      • ip (config depending)
      • hostname (config depending)
      1. Ioan Damian

        Hi, Thank you for your very quick reply! We can live with the first 2 cases. We can make sure the system is in production and whenever we change the hostname we can delete the old entry as it doesn't happen all that often. However the third one, where a computer audited later on overwrites a different computer surely is not by design. I've searched the "discovery_mac_match" option in Admin > Config and I could not find it. We're using Open Audit Community 1.12, internal version 20160130.

      2. Ioan Damian

        Let me know if I can provide any data if that could solve this.

      3. Mark Unwin

        1.12.2 contains discovery_mac_match.

      4. Mark Unwin

        One device will only overwrite another if the attributes match. Maybe check the UUID is actually set (I've seen them all 0's or all F's).

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