Our school has 40 LCD monitors (Acer V196HQL).

We found that the serial number of each monitor is the same.

serial = LXNTT0014205


But the Acer's website says : The serial number has twenty-two characters.



John C says : Acer provides the serial number after the 000000ff00 flag but the middle part of the serial number is hidden earlier in the EDID string.




Please help us to solve the problem.
Thanks for your advice.


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    2 answers


      (1)We changed the order of the program blocks.

      manufacturer--> model–>serial


      (2)We use the John C 's method to get "correct" Acer Monitor's serial number.

      ' serial
      serial = ""
      tmp = ""
      if intSerFoundAt <> -1 then tmp = right(location(intSerFoundAt),14)
      if instr(tmp,chr(&H0a)) > 0 then
          'serial = trim(left(tmp,InStr(tmp,chr(&H0a))-1))
          tmp = trim(left(tmp,InStr(tmp,chr(&H0a))-1))
          'serial = trim(tmp)
          tmp = Trim(tmp)
      end if
      'if left(serial,1) = chr(0) then
      if left(tmp,1) = chr(0) Then
       If (man_id = "ACR") Then
        If (model = "V226HQL") Then serial = "MM" End If
        If (model = "Acer V196HQL") Then serial = "MM" End If
        If (model = "V193HQL") Then serial = "ET" End If
        If (model = "AL1717") Then serial = "ET" End If
        serial = serial & Left(Right(tmp,len(tmp)-1),8)
        serial = serial & Hex(Asc(Mid(strarrRawEDID(tmpctr),&H0F+1,1)))
        serial = serial & Hex(Asc(Mid(strarrRawEDID(tmpctr),&H0F,1)))
        serial = serial & Hex(Asc(Mid(strarrRawEDID(tmpctr),&H0F-1,1)))
        serial = serial & Hex(Asc(Mid(strarrRawEDID(tmpctr),&H0F-2,1)))
        serial = serial & Mid(Right(tmp,len(tmp)-1),9,len(tmp)-9)
        serial = tmp
           serial = right(serial,len(serial)-1)
          End If
          serial = "Serial Number Not Found in EDID data"
      end if
      if serial = "" then serial = "Serial Number Not Found in EDID data"


      (3)Because the language of our operating system is "traditional Chinese", we change the string "(Standard monitor types)" to "(???????)"

      'std_mon = instr(temp_manuf(tmpctr), "(Standard monitor types)")
      std_mon = instr(temp_manuf(tmpctr), "(???????)")

      note:"???????" need to use Traditional Chinese Font to correctly display.


      (4)Because we have "ASUS" and "BenQ" Monitors, we add the following two lins in the "manufacturer" block.

      If (man_id = "ACI") then manufacturer = "ASUS" end If           
      If (man_id = "BI_") Then manufacturer = "BenQ" End If


      Whether the above approach is appropriate?
      Thank you for your advice.



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        There are a couple different ways this can be approached. Please send an email through to contact@opmantek.com so we can take this discussion offline.


        Mark H

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