I reviewed several Opmantek Wiki docs related to various auth methods for OMK ("OMK Authentication Methods", etc.). The document addressing these methods mentions updating /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis and in the new version of opCharts4 it appears to exist in JSON format (not Perl hash). I attempted to add the additional elements, equivalent to what was required for opCommon.nmis and restarted omkd. I have Radius as "auth_method_2" with the following additions:

"auth_radius_secret" : "xxxxxxxxxx",

"auth_radius_server" : ""

I cannot get the Radius authing to work for opCharts, however this same configuration works for NMIS9.1.1

Is there anything different that needs to be done for Radius authing to work for opcharts4.2.2?

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