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Authentication is required to access all methods listed below.

POST login (authenticate)

POST /en/omk/opFlow/login

Authenticate to opFlow. 


usernameThe username to authenticate with
passwordThe password for the user

Successful Response

A cookie is created and sent with the response.  This must be saved and passed with all requests below.  

Obtaining data from the API

Get Request, submitting the parameters required on the table below.

GET /en/omk/opFlow/data_model_view/new.json?requestData={"parameters":{}}

Common Parameters and Required Parameters

Many of the parameters are common over all calls and are used when they make sense.

Some parameters are required and marked with a font wight: bold.


start_date_rawEpoch time to start the time period.
end_date_rawEpoch time to end the time period.

Accepts a List of values.

Values: "application", "src_ip", "dst_ip",etc.

e.g: To group by "Application Conversations"


Note: This parameter is required and needs at least to be set to one value to work.


Accepts a list of values, is used to specify the summary type.

Summary typeValue
App Sources["src_ip","application"]
App Destinations ["dst_ip","application"]
Talkers ["src_ip"]
Listeners ["dst_ip"]

Is a has and accepts the following parameters:

ParameterPossible value
limitnumber of rows to return

Accepts a Hash of values

e.g: {"octets":-1}

only_reply_dataSet to true to only receive the reply data, if set to false, the request data will be also returned.

The model used to obtain the flow summaries.

Value must be set to: "opFlow_flows_summary"

Model view


Set value to: "raw"

Return the data in JSON format.


It is possible to do a search with the following argument passed to the request.

&search={ }

Accepts a hash of values, but only one can be use at a time.


Possible values to search by "Applications", "Source", "Source Port", "Destination" and "Destination Port"







Where abc is a string or text to search for.


Required Parameters (along with common parameters)

To obtain TopN data. The TopN limit must be set in the option list.



Is a has and accepts the following parameters:

ParameterPossible value
limitnumber of rows to return

Request example output:

Get Top 5 Applications from  October 10. 2018 4:22:00 PM GMT+10:00 (1539152520) to October 10, 2018 6:22:00 PM GMT+10:00 (1539159720), sorted by octets (bytes) in descending order, getting only reply data.{"parameters":{"start_date_raw":1539152520,"end_date_raw":1539159720,"group_by":["application"],"flow_type":["application"]},"options":{"limit":5,"sort":{"octets":-1},"only_reply_data":"true"},"model":"opFlow_flows_summary","model_view":"raw"}


		"application": "UDP:32760",
		"avg_octets_sec": null,
		"avg_packets_sec": null,
		"duration": 28642.8639996052,
		"flows": 628,
		"flows_pct": 0.00888348209865192,
		"octets": 440351659,
		"octets_pct": 0.814896754348869,
		"packets": 769974,
		"packets_pct": 0.592798410938655
		"application": "snmp",
		"avg_octets_sec": null,
		"avg_packets_sec": null,
		"duration": 31849.9360135078,
		"flows": 7227,
		"flows_pct": 0.102230772495155,
		"octets": 58955621,
		"octets_pct": 0.109100858874071,
		"packets": 302235,
		"packets_pct": 0.232688932002956
		"application": "https",
		"avg_octets_sec": null,
		"avg_packets_sec": null,
		"duration": 32292.7479987144,
		"flows": 4369,
		"flows_pct": 0.0618024415430099,
		"octets": 24644811,
		"octets_pct": 0.0456066784011851,
		"packets": 46621,
		"packets_pct": 0.0358932310914018
		"application": "ICMP:Echo Request",
		"avg_octets_sec": null,
		"avg_packets_sec": null,
		"duration": 542978.315999269,
		"flows": 26946,
		"flows_pct": 0.381169281258399,
		"octets": 7545636,
		"octets_pct": 0.0139636451009669,
		"packets": 89845,
		"packets_pct": 0.0691711320522296
		"application": "ICMP:Echo Reply",
		"avg_octets_sec": null,
		"avg_packets_sec": null,
		"duration": 335198.47600317,
		"flows": 11506,
		"flows_pct": 0.16276010354632,
		"octets": 3207540,
		"octets_pct": 0.00593574222334012,
		"packets": 38201,
		"packets_pct": 0.0294107230845036
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