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Demonstrate the practical application of event consolidation based on location, the principles here could be applied to other shared properties of events and nodes, like Business Service, Application, Customer, Group, Interface, and many others.  Combinations can also be made, especially useful for nodes in Data Centres.

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Tasked with managing a large network that is either geographically seperated or the topology is such that 'fault domains' are easy to recognize, we would like to consolidate events to prevent network management noise and reduce troubleshooting time.  With this in mind it would be desirable to have a single alert that notifies us that site "X" is experiencing a problem, versus many (10 ~ 500+) alerts from individual nodes.  This not only cuts down on the noise, it also automates a component of the troubleshooting process, enabling operations to vector in on a common symptom in order to crush the problem. 

A simple example would be a remote office, with several managed nodes, any problem with the WAN or with power would result in many events being seen in opEvents, enabling this feature would reduce that to a single event.

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What is a synthetic event?