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Restoring a Backup

By default, 2 two backup files are saved in the poller in the directory <nmis>/backups or <omk/nmis>/backups. conf/conf.d/backups>. This configuration can be changed in the configuration file:

  • opha_backup_master_location

The number of backup files can also be changed in the configuration file, modifying the configuration item:

  • opha_max_backup_files

Restoring a backup should be done manually, in each poller where the restoration needs to be done, following the steps:

  • Go to the backup directory in the master. By default:
    • NMIS: <nmis>/backups
    • OMK: <omk/conf/conf.d/backups>. 
  • The backup file should be file_name.nmis.version. For example, authentication.nmis.3
  • Rename the file, removing the version. For example, authentication.nmis.
  • Move the file to the external configuration folder. By default:
    • NMIS: <nmis>/conf/conf.d
    • OMK: <omk>/conf/conf.d
  • For some of the changes to take effect, the corresponding daemon should be restarted. For example:
    • service nmis9d restart

New configurations

These are new configuration values: