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  • How NMIS interfaces with WMI-based devices

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If the node in question requires a domain prefix for the WMI access, prepend that to the wmiusername followed by a "/", e.g. "somedomain/theuser".

Automatic model selection does include WMI as a source of information, if SNMP is not available and if wmiusername and wmipassword are set.

Modelling Preparation

We recommend that you verify the availability of WMI (and your credentials) with wmic, before performing any modelling work. This should be done using the wmic tool on your NMIS server, like in the following example:


  • It is not possible for a systemHealth section to have both snmp and  wmi sections.
    This is because only one index per systemHealth section is supported, but wmi and snmp can not share that single index.
  • At this time, collection of the following types of statistics from WMI is not supported:
    Network Interfaces
    Environment Data
    CBQoS Data
    Server-type processor and load information

that for systemhealth stuff, BOTH sys and rrd sections must include indexed => actual field name, not just 'true'

that one systemhealth section can only have snmp or wmi, because one index governs the whole section

inefficiencies, queries are not rewritten to select only specific fields


  • NMIS does not yet support service tests for WMI-sourced process information.
  • Collection of indexed WMI sections is not optimised for maximum efficiency yet.
    query results are reused to some extent but not universally, and further optimisations are planned.