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  • How NMIS interfaces with WMI-based devices

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Code Block
'system' => {
  ...lots of stuff...
  'sys' => {
    'standard' => {
      'snmp' => {
      ....lots of stuff...
      'wmi' => {
        'bios' => {
          title  => "Bios Name",
          query => 'select name from win32_bios',
          field => "Name",
          calculate => '$r =~ s/\s*$//; return $r;',
        # if we want to type less, we can set a shared query - not required, though!
        "-common-" => {
          query => 'select * from win32_pagefileusage'
        'totalswap' => {
          title => "total swap in bytes",
          query => 'select allocatedbasesize from Win32_pagefileusage',
          field => 'AllocatedBaseSize',
          calculate => 'return $r*(1<<20);',


  • It is not possible for a systemHealth section to have both snmp and  wmi sections.
    This is because only one index per systemHealth section is supported, but wmi and snmp can not share that single index.
  • At this time, collection of the following types of statistics from WMI is not supported:
    Network Interfaces
    Environment Data
    CBQoS Data
    Server-type processor and load information
  • NMIS does not yet support service tests for WMI-sourced process information.
  • Collection of indexed WMI sections is not optimised for maximum efficiency yet.
    query results are reused to some extent but not universally, and further optimisations are planned.
  • The GUI model editor does not support editing of WMI sections yet.