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The following changes can be made in the opCommon config configuration file /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis


The graph that show flows over time can display 2 modes: the default shows the number of octets/packets in the current time slice, the second mode makes the graph display the data in octets/second or packets/second.  To enable the second mode change the following config variable to 1:

Code Block
	'opflow_gui_graph_over_time_per_sec' => 1

opFlowSP 1.0.9 introduced 3 new configuration items:

Code Block
     'opflow_gui_hide_interface_performance_graphs' => 0,
     # Custom agent button
     #'opflow_gui_agent_custom_button_text' => 'Button Text',
     #'opflow_gui_agent_custom_button_url' =>'',

opflow_gui_hide_interface_performance_graphs is used to hide or show the button "Interface Performance Graphs". Default is 0 to show the button. Set to 1 to hide the button.

Image Added

opflow_gui_agent_custom_button_text and opflow_gui_agent_custom_button_url are set together to add a button with a custom link to be visible to the right of "Interface Performance Graphs".

Possibility to set the octet format to MegaBytes (MB) or Megabits (Mbits) using the configuration item opflow_gui_octet_display_multiplier.

Code Block
    'opflow_gui_octet_display_multiplier' => 0.000000953674316,
    'opflow_gui_octet_display_multiplier' => 0.000008,

Restart the daemons

After making changes to the config make sure to restart all opFlow daemons.