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What about if someone bought their laptop into the office and plugged in – would you know? That laptop could be a security nightmare and now it’s sitting on your network. Open-AudIT will see this new device and the “New Devices found int he last 7 days” report will show you. The Dashboard in Professional and Enterprise will also populate its graph. You will know. Your network will be safer.

Anfd And then there’s software licensing – that’s a given. Naturally Open-AudIT can report on exactly what software packages are installed. It’s simple and easy to see if you have bought the required number of licenses.


Open-Audit Community is built using free and cross-platform tools such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. In addition, Open-AudIT uses VBscript and Bash for its audit scripts. Both Professional and Enterprise use the same codebase Community API with available further features enabled by the license. Both Professional and Enterprise are commercial compiled binary code with support offered to users by Opmantek. Accessing Community is via /open-audit/index.php and Professional / Enterprise via /omk/open-audit on your webserver.


Open-AudIT started as a free software project. To this day it remains so. In recent years Opmantek Software has become the owners of the codebase code-base and monetize this by creating add-ons in the form of Open-AudIT Professional, Open-AudIT Enterprise, Open-AudIT Collector and Open-AudIT EnterpriseCloud.

The original Open-AudIT is referred to as Open-AudIT Community. Open-AudIT Community is the “engine” of Professional and Enterprise. It is Afferro GPL licensed and will always remain free software.

Open-AudIT Professional, Enterprise, Collector and Enterprise Cloud are commercial closed source programs, licensed by Opmantek to customers and users. Opmantek supply a free 20 device license to users. Professional, Enterprise, Collector and Enterprise Cloud build upon the foundation of Community and offer extra features and benefits. These can be seen in the table below.


Opmantek supply Open-AudIT as a packaged binary. Windows users will also need to (separately) install Nmap. Windows installs include a full WAMP stack, where-as the Linux package uses the native package manager to install these dependencies.

Publicly Available Code

The source code for Open-AudIT is available on Github and is AGPL licensed. This code does not include the installer so users will need to take care of installing the dependencies and configuring the required services themselves. This source code does not include any Open-AudIT Professional, Enterprise, Collector or Cloud code as these are commercial closed source applications.

You can find the code at

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Open-AudIT Community versus Professional & Enterprise
Open-AudIT Community versus Professional & Enterprise