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NMIS Version

MongoDB Version
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  • Debian 9, 10
  • Ubuntu 18
  • CentOS 7, 8**
  • RHEL 7, 8***

On Debian 8, a compatible version of MongoDB Perl Driver (version 1.2.3 or newer) cannot be installed, even when CPANM is used.
On Ubuntu 16.04, pre-installing cpanminus, MongoDB Perl Driver and Mojo::File allows for a clean install of NMIS9:

  • apt-get install build-essential cpanminus;
  • cpanm --sudo MongoDB;
  • cpanm --sudo Mojo::File;

If install of NMIS 9 fails due to failure to install package WWW::Mechanize, pre-install WWW::Mechanize before installing NMIS:

  • sudo yum install -y perl-CPAN;
    sudo yum install -y perl-App-cpanminus;
    sudo cpanm WWW::Mechanize --sudo --notest;

Release 9.0.4 of NMIS introduces the smarter non-interactive installation mode.

**CentOS 8 support has been withdrawn due to CentOS 8 being end of maintenance in 31 Dec 2021, your CentOS target should be CentOS 7

*** RHEL 8 support has been suspended pending additional testing and documentation requirements.

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