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Your desired purging policy is defined by setting one or more of the following four configuration properties in conf/opCommon.nmis (or opCommon.json in opEvents 3.0+). Here is the commented example from install/opCommon.nmis(json):

Code Block
'opevents' => {
  # lots of other directives...
  # how long should things be kept in the db? format NN[dhm]MM[hm]..., plain N means N minutes. 0 or undef means no purging.
  'opevents_reports_purge_older_than' => undef730d,     # covers summary reports
  'opevents_events_purge_older_than' => undef180d,      # covers events and actions
  'opevents_rawlogs_purge_older_than' => undef90d,      # covers raw logs
  'opevents_archivelogs_purge_older_than' => undef365d, # covers archive logs

The configuration is pretty straightforward: