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This is a brief overview of the major changes between revisions.

opTrend 1.6.2


  • Significant performance improvents on WiredTiger - Trend (Seds) documents are now stored more appropriately for WiredTiger updates
  • Older trend documents now timeout and remove them self after a configurable amount of time (optrend_seds_expire_after_seconds)
  • Admin access now required to view/edit licenses
  • When multiple proxies are used the first one is now chosen as the current_url instead of none of them

opTrend 1.4.0


  • Conditions are only raised when value is above control for a configurable number of time periods (optrend_exceptions_to_make_condition)
  • Number of processes, number of users and number of open tcp connections now monitored where modelling supports
  • Conditions are now raised on negative values (current value below control for configurable number of time periods)
  • Clicking on Graph opens Trend Document in new tab so graph does not have to re-populate
  • Trend Document index list now paginated and search fields added