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To install the Agent requires Administrative Privileges. To download the agent, simply go to http://YOUR_SERVER/open-audit/index.php/agents/windows/download. That will provide the generic Windows Agent. If your user(s) have Admin rights, on the bottom of the Agents List page there are commands they can run using Command Prompt (Open As Administrator) to download and install. Copy, paste, done. Obviously if you have existing management software on machines, you can use these commands (or variations of) to deploy the agents automatically.

NOTE - As at 5.2.0 the agent audit script (audit_windows.ps1) does not retrieve the database and web server items that audit_windows.vbs does. This will be coming ASAP.

NOTE - IIS and SQL are now available in 5.2.2.

How Does it Work?

The Agent will install itself to c:\Program Files\Open-AudIT Agent. It will appear in the Add/Remove Programs list (and can be uninstalled from there).