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Administrative Structure


  • Organisation(s)

This is an administrative division for example a company, a customer, a business unit etc. mostly used for Managed Service Providers to allocate separate customers


Used where an Organisation has overlapping address spaces, routing domains etc.  The AdressesAddresses, subnets, MAC addresses, Hostnames, Security Zones in it must be unique to this domain


CIDR notated subnets.  These are either manually entered or discovered from hosts Interface configuration.  Discovery is through NMIS or Open-Audit Enterprise interface information.  A subnet is associated with Addresses and Gateways see below.

Which contains:

        • Addresses

 These These are the inidividual individual IP addresses, initialy initially these are simply inferred from the Subnet and it's mask.

The IP address entry starts as inferred information from the subnets and once network audits (ping sweeps, etc) and the import of information from NMIS , and Open-Audit Enterprise is available the Addresses gain more information such as: Name, a Name, Admin Status,  Operational Operational Status, Endpoint(s), Type (static or dynamic).


These are devices discovered from NMIS and Open-Audit which have more than one IP interface.  The devices are automatically associated with the subnets they are attached to.  A Gateway is associated with two or more subnets.  A subnet can have one or many gateways.  NOTE: For a gateway discovered from NMIS to be imported as a gateway the node must have a location assigned to it.  You will find each of a routers interfaces as an endpoint also (there is no associations between the endpoint s endpoints and gateways).