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In addition to this API, the web interface will use the same request format and supply some additional actions.

Access Model

The API is using our new model of access. Instead of a user <-> group model, we're using user <-> organisation. If you're having trouble at this early stage, just use the 'administrator' or 'open-audit_enterprise' account(s). We have not created the GUI screens to associate a user to an organisation as yet. If you wish to use another account you could run the below SQL directly to create the association:

Code Block
INSERT INTO oa_user_org VALUES (NULL, $user_id, $org_id, 10, '');

Where your new $user_id and $org_id can be found in the Open-AudIT web interface.

The API uses a cookie. You can request a cookie by sending a POST to the URL below, containing the username and password attributes and values:


To create a resource, you should POST the required data.When POSTing data, you must include an access token. An access token is generated with every request type, so make a GET (for example) and Accept: applicaiotnapplication/json, parse the response for meta→access_token, and include that with your request. This will be in the field data[access_token], IE, the top level.