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Open-AudIT's API

Open-AudIT is basing its API on 's API is base upon with the intention of providing simple and intuitive access in a manner familiar to developers.

In addition to this API, the web interface will use the same request format and supply some additional actions (eg: HTML forms for creating items).

Access Model

The API uses a cookie. You can request a cookie by sending a POST to the URL below, containing the username and password attributes and values:

Code Block

POSTing data

To create a resource, you should POST the required data.

When POSTing data, you must include an access token. An access token is generated with every request type, so make a GET (for example) and Accept: application/json, parse the response for meta→access_token, and include that with your request. This will should be placed in the field data[access_token], IE, the top level.



Examples Som examples are at the bottom of this page.


applications: name,org_id

attributes: name,org_id,type,resource,value

baselines: name,org_id

buildings: name,org_id,location_id

clouds: name,org_id,type,credentials,options

clusters: name,org_id

collectors: name,org_id,statustype,host,community,username,password

connections: name,org_id

credentials: name,org_id,type,credentials

dashboards: name,org_id, options, sidebar

devices: name, org_id

discoveries: name,org_id,type

discovery_scan_options: name,org_id
fields: name,org_id,type,placement,group_id

fields: name,org_id,pathtype
files: name,org_id,building_idpath

groups: name,org_id,sql

integrations: name,org_id,optionsattributes,fields

ldap_servers: name,org_id,lang,host,port,secure,domain,type,version,use_auth,use_roles,refresh

licenses: name,org_id,org_descendants,purchase_count,match_string

locations: name,org_id

networks: name,org_id,network

orgs: name,parent_id

queries: name,org_id,sql,menu_category,menu_display

racks: name,org_id,rowru_idheight

rack_devices: rack_id,systemdevice_id,position,height

roles: name,permissions
rooms: name,org_id,floor_id
rows: name,org_id,room_id

rules: name,org_id,weight,inputs,outputs

scripts: name,org_id,options,based_on

summaries: name,org_id,table,column,menu_category

tasks: name,org_id,type,sub_resource_id,uuid,enabled,minute,hour,day_of_month,month,day_of_week

users: name,org_id,lang,active,roles,orgs

widgets: name,org_id,type