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  • Managing Apache vHosts configuration for reverse proxying to slaves

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Pre-requisites - Understanding your environment

The Opmantke Opmantek VM Appliance is CentOS 6 and ships with Apache v2.2 


titleGetting The Real Details

There are lots of useful things you can do with proxying and Apache. For example pushing URLs from HTTP to HTTPS, doing SSL offload, having different URLs for different customers, having the same server name for lots of your services hosted on different internal servers etc. To properly understand all the details refer to:

For Apache 2.4

Apache 2.2 simply has simply this example Virtual_host and mod_proxy together


titleBest Practice Load Balancing

Of course your company may also have sophisticated proxying and load balanncing appliances already in place, in which case do use those.


Where are all my Apache configuration files?