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  1. Match the Opmantek UUID (not configurable).
  2. Match the Google Cloud ID (not configurable).
  3. match_hostname_uuid
  4. match_hostname_dbus
  5. match_hostname_serial
  6. match_dbus
  7. match_dns_fqdn
  8. match_dns_hostname
  9. match_fqdn
  10. match_serial_type
  11. match_serial
  12. match_sysname_serial
  13. match_sysname
  14. match_mac (ip table)
  15. match_mac (network table)
  16. match_mac (addresses)
  17. match_ip
  18. match_hostname
  19. match_ip_no_data

titleMatching IP Addresses

As at Open-AudIT 3.3.0 we will be implementing a match routine that essentially says "If all I have is an IP, and that IP belongs to a device in the database and that device has not been audited, match that device regardless of the match_ip rule.

The reason for this is in the case of a discovered device that we don't have credentials for, we have virtually no information except the IP and maybe the DNS Hostname. Neither are considered unique (think DHCP). But in the case where we have a device with that lack of data already preset in the database, assume it is the same device so that we don't create many false duplicates. This configuration item will be called match_ip_no_data and will be set to YES by default.