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  • Release Notes for Open-AudIT v2.0.1

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Please note that the licensing system has been updated, and existing licenses will not work for Open-AudIT Professional & Enterprise v2. You will have to obtain an updated license for this version of Open-AudIT Professional & Enterprise. You can check your licenses by visiting the My Licenses page; If unsure about your options, please email

Tasks Change

As we now have new reports and a collection called discoveries, any tasks that exist from pre v2 will need to be edited and associated with a new discovery (which needs to be created) or the correct report.

Groups Deprecated

Open-AudIT v2 has deprecated Groups as a primary method of access control.  It is now Roles based. A user has Roles. Those Roles can perform various actions. The User also has access to a list of Orgs. They can perform the roles actions on items that belong to the Org(s) they have access to. Groups as the primary source of authorisation have been deprecated. A user no longer has a permission on a group. A user has a role which works in combination with an Org (see below).