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"There are devices in Open-AudIT I need to remove some to free-up licenses or just .

"I need to remove devices because I don't want them reported."

"How do I delete devices?"

There are two scenarios.

  1. You can stop certain devices from being managed in OpenAudit Enterprise which will reduce the device count.
  2. Mark devices as Deleted and then completely remove the "deleted" devices from the database.

1. Stop Devices from being Managed in OpenAudit Enterprise.

This process is applicable with Open-Audit v 3.x

  1. In Enterprise or Professional Go to the devices view.  Manage→Devices→List Devices.
  2. Use the search and or filter to find the devices you want to disable. 
  3. Check the check boxes on the right of the devices to select them - the check box at the top will select all visible ones.
  4. Click "Bulk Edit"
  5. Find the configuration item "Manage in Open-AudIT Enterprise" and set this to No and then click the Green tick box to save it.
  6. Browse back to the Devices List view and confirm the device count

2. Deleting devices Completely a Step-by-step guide

This process is applicable starting with Open-AudIT v 2.x