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Table of Contents

Feature Overview

opEvents has the ability to notify people via email and conduct other actions based on criteria the administrator selects.


  • An event matches criteria defined in an action rule.
  • An action fires an escalation policy.
  • The Escalation policy initiates email or some other action.  The email action calls a 'contact' variable.
  • The contact variable is resolved to an email address or multiple addresses.
  • Emails are sent via an associated email server.

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Declare an Email Server

opEvents requires an email server in order to sent notifications via email.  This email server is associated in /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis.


Find the email section in opCommon.nmis and update the values to match the email server that opEvents should utilise.

Optional - Create an Email Template

It's possible to customise the email format by updating /usr/local/omk/conf/EventEmails.nmis.  This article explains how to do this: Email templates in opEvents

Configure a Contact

A 'contact' is a variable that can represent one or many email addresses.  opEvents can utilize the NMIS contacts file (/usr/local/nmis8/conf/Contact.nmis) or the OMK contacts (/usr/local/omk/conf/COntacts.nmis) file.  In order to determine which file your system is using look in opCommon.nmis; find the opevents section then look for the opevents_contacts attribute.


For more information about how to configure Contacts.nmis for use by NMIS see this page: NMIS8 Contacts

Create an Escalation Policy

Escalation policies are created in /usr/local/omk/conf/EventActions.nmis.  Find the 'escalate' section and add or modify an existing policy.  This is an example of a new escalation policy with the minimum required information.


For more information about creating Escalation policies see this page:  Event Actions and Escalation

Create an Action

An action is required that will invoke the escalation policy.  Actions are created in the 'policy' section of EventActions.nmis.  The opEvents administrator will determine where best to place the rule with EventActions.nmis.  Here is one example.


For more information about Action Policies see this page:  Event Actions and Escalation


The opevents-cli.exe utility found in /usr/local/omk/bin may be used to create a test event.  Create an event that will match the previously configured action rule.