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  • Opmantek Support Case Opening Checklist

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Support Case Opening Checklist

  •  Email Structure
    •  Email Subject - The email subject will become the support ticket name.  A subject format such as the following will assist support engineers in finding your ticket quickly:
      •  <Customer_Company_Name> - <OMK Product> - <Very Brief Problem Description - 8 words or less>
    •  Email Body
      •  Problem description 
      •  State the priority for this case
        •  Priority 1 - Business Critical - Production system is down.
        •  Priority 2 - Severe Impact - Production system unreliable.
        •  Priority 3 - Degraded Operations - Production system presents inconsistencies.
        •  Priority 4 - Informational - Customers are requesting information. 
      •  State the OMK products that are exhibiting the problem.
      •  Explain any recent changes that may have led to the current problem.
      •  For customers that have deluxe support contracts with Opmantek; please provide the following information:
        •  State the following in regard to the affected servers:
          •  Hostname
          •  FQDN
          •  IP Address
        •  State the node name(s) that are exhibiting the problem
    •  Email Attachments - Email attachments to JIRA have a 10MB size limit. If pertinent documents/files exceed this will direct the customer as to the best method to share them.
      •  Support Zip(s) - See more specific instructions concerning support zips below.
      •  Anything that may be relevant.