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Refer to product compatibility to determine supported Operating Systems and Database Versions.

NMIS 9.3.0

 The release was published on 12 Jan 2022.


  • Upgrade jQuery version to 3.6.0 and jQuery UI 1.13. The libraries versions are specified in Config.nmis, these will be updated by the installer.
  • Rename model_discovery tool to model_tool
  • Added quiet mode list nodes in node admin
  • Improved check_daemons script and added to a cron job
  • Changed submit button on top of alert list in events list
  • set default nmisd_worker_max_cycles to a initial value of 100
  • Change last update for last_update in group view (GUI)
  • Improved NMIS 9 support bot. Now it is possible to run it from the GUI.
  • Added support for NTLM Version 2
  • Added support for the importation of NMIS8 setting into NMIS9.


  • Added IPSLA models to NMIS9
  • Fixing F5 Connection graph
  • Updated the pingonly model to add the health ping graph
  • Updated Cisco NX/OS Model to match the updates from NMIS8
  • Node resources not displaying correctly in Model net snmp
  • Updates to Huawei MA5600
  • New Cisco ASR 1000 model


  • Avoid print Error if graph error in view node
  • Step not changed in the rrds by default so polling policy different than default was not working propertly
  • Polling policy was corrupted when edited from the GUI.