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Comment: updated slightly for 1..6.8


Please note that there are some interoperability limitations present in opExport 1.6.7 and 1.6.8:

  • opExport must be installed BEFORE any other opX products.
  • opExport currently cannot coexist with other opX products on the MySQL server. (In client mode, i.e. on NMIS servers, coexistence works fine.)


  • copy the tarball to the server, into your users home directory
  • untar the file into a location of your choice, the default location is /usr/local/omk 

  • Code Block
    # make sure the omkd daemon is not running
    ps aux | grep opman
    kill <pid_of_opmantek>
    # start the install    
    cd /usr/local 
    tar xvf /tmp/opExport-Linux-x86_64-LIB-1.5.16.tar.gz
    cd omk
    cp install/omk-rotate.conf /etc/logrotate.d/
    cp ./install/opCommon.nmis ./conf/
    cp ./install/users.dat ./conf/
    cp ./install/omkd.init.d /etc/init.d/omkd
    chkconfig --add omkd 
    # make sure that "opExport" is listed in the omkd/load_applications configuration entry
    # make sure the key is correct in opCommon, default is key123
    vi ./conf/opCommon.nmis
    service omkd start  
    # check to make sure it's running
    ps aux | grep opman
    root 16116 39.0 2.2 487632 283272 pts/0 R 05:39 6:47 opmantek.exe
    root 21118 0.0 0.0 103224 844 pts/0 S+ 05:56 0:00 grep opma   
  • Now load up the GUI and enter your license key and accept the EULA:
  • default username=nmis  password=nm1888
  • Code Block
  • Now PUSH the schema to the NMIS server