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To run from cron add this to an appropriate file in your /etc/cron.d/ directory (you could create a new one or re-use your nmis file). This line will push or pull (depending on which one you pick) to all servers.  If you would only like to push or pull to a specific server replace "all" with the server name, for example to server "demo":

Code Block
#### SYNTAXan FOREXAMPLE ALLto serverspush withto ethera pushserver orcalled pulldemo:
*/2 * * * * root wget -q http://localhost:8042/omk/opHA/servers/alldemo/[push|pull] -O/dev/null   
#### an EXAMPLE with Pull for one server called Vali
*/2 * * * * root wget -q http://localhost:8042/omk/opHA/servers/vali/pull -O/dev/null