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  • opHA2 Installation and Configuration Guide

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Table of Contents

Installation Prerequisites


Code Block
 'group_list' => 'NMIS8,DataCenter,Branches,Sales,Campus,HeadOffice,HQ,HQDev',


You can also use the admin script /usr/local/nmis8/admin/ on the master to find and patch all groups used by all devices imported from the pollers, it can even be added to cron to automate group updates.

Once opHA has succesfully pulled/pushed the devices from poller to master you can analyse and patch the groups list by using the following.

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languagebash usage
# Simply list all found groups so you can add them to 'group_list' => '...'   as above
[root@opmantek ~]# /usr/local/nmis8/admin/ 
The following is the list of groups for the NMIS Config file Config.nmis
'group_list' => 'Branches,DataCenter,NMIS8,IOSXR',
## You can then simply copy this last line to replace the curren line in Config.nmis 

### Alternatively the script can automatically update the Config.nmis file's 'group_list' entry for you using the patch=true argument as follows:
/usr/local/nmis8/admin/ patch=true


Limiting Master Group Collection


If you want to run the opHA transfers immediately after an NMIS collect, we recommend that you use the plugin system to hook into the post-collect phase and execute Perl code of your choice then.



Logs can be found in /usr/local/omk/log or also viewed from the GUI at http://server_name:8042/omk/opHA/logs