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The first time the script runs, it is going to request all the data for each configured poller. Next time, it is going to request only the modified data since the last synchronisation. 

3.0.4 Beta

3.0.3 Beta

  • Support for node deletion on the pollers. When a node was deleted on the poller, all this data wasn’t remove on the master. Now the pull process is going to remove nodes and associated data that was removed on the poller.
  • Retry policy on pull failures: If there was a failure during the poller update, the pull finished. Now it is possible to specify a retry policy:
    • retry number: How many times retry a request before finish the process unsuccessfully. 3 is the default value.
    • delay: How many seconds is going to wait between retries (5 seconds by default).
  • It is possible to modify this params in opCommon.nmis: