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This features works better with opHA 3.0.4 and opCharts 3.0.6. We still can see the poller nodes when working with previous versions of opHA, but we are not going to be able to access the poller url. 

When opHA 3.0.4 synchronise a peer, is going to place in a new nmisng database collection, the information for that poller. So, NMIS can access all the information needed from the pollers. 

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The document looks like this:


The object NMING implements new accessors for this information:

  • remote_collection: Returns the collection
  • get_remote(filter): returns all remotes matching the query created with the filter

When we click on a poller node, NMIS is going to redirect to the poller server:

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If we can't see the node url properly, we need to check if the information is correct in opHA. When opHA works with a peer with an old version of opHA, some information is going to be empty. 

Other considerations:

  • Collect is only going to keep collecting local nodes. 
  • We can manage all nodes using node_admin. 

opHA 3.0.4

When pulling an existing peer, the Remote collection in NMIS database is going to be created, if still doesn't exist. 

We can modify this information when we edit a peer (http://server/en/omk/opHA/peers):

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opCharts 3.0.6

When running opHA 3.0.4 we will be able to see the nodes url, that it is going to redirect us to the NMIS node URL:

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