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  • <omk>/bin> ./ act=cleanup : The purpose is cleaning master files and metadata. Must be run from the master. Will check for:
    • Metadata without a file associated in the file system
    • Orphan files in the file system
    • Backup files 
  • <omk>/bin> ./ act=cleanup_poller : The purpose is cleaning poller files. Will check for:
    • Orphan backup files from OMK. 
    • Check for duplicated configuration items in OMK: This means that there is the same configuration item in different configuration external files. This could led us to errors, as the one which is loaded first is going to override the other. 
    • Check for duplicated configuration items in NMIS. 
  • <omk>/bin> ./ act=clean_orphan-nodes : Will remove the nodes with no cluster_id associated. Will ask for confirmation for each node if simulate=f is specified. 

Important: cleanup utilities run in simulation mode by default. It is a good practice to run as simulation to check all the files that are going to be removed. simulate=f will remove all files and metadata.