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Also, you can also map a role with a peer. By default, the following roles are available: 

  • 'Poller', 'MasterPrimary', 'Portal', 'Local'

And this roles are assigned: 

  • MasterPrimary: Server Local 
  • Poller: All existing peers available


  • opha_conf_templates_url: '/install/templates'
  • opha_backup_master_location: $self->{app_path}/conf/conf.d/backups
  • opha_master_config_location: $self->{app_path}/conf/conf.d
  • opha_conf_files_url: $self->{app_path}/conf/peers
  • opha_max_backup_files: 2
  • opha_restart_nmis_needed_sections: The sections for NMIS that require a daemon update.
  • opha_restart_omk_needed_sections: The sections of the configuration for OMK that require a daemon update. opha_role_list: ['Poller', 'Master', 'Portal', 'Local']
  • opha_config_file_types: ['NMIS', 'OMK']


  • Backup files are saved, but it is not possible to rollback rollback from the GUI. By default, configuration files have 2 backup files. 
  • Once you edit NMIS configuration, it is not possible to edit from the GUI. You will see a message when there are some configuration files overriding the local configuration. 
  • If the daemon is going to be restarted, it is not going to see the result on the log. But we can check the opHA landing page to see the daemons state.