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We can add new mappings, edit or remove existing. Note that if a peer has a role assigned, it is not going to appear in the add button, you will need to edit. 

Changing NMIS default configuration

Please note that once we change NMIS or OMK configuration from the master, it is not intended to be edited from the own poller. 

When we update the configuration in NMIS from a master, we are going to see a message on the NMIS configuration screen, and we are not going to be able to update the configuration from NMIS. 

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New configurations

These are new configuration optionsvalues

  • opha_configconf_file_types => ['NMIS', 'OMK']templates_url: '/install/templates'
  • opha_role_list => ['Poller', 'Master', 'Portal', 'Local']
  • conf_base_key
  • conf_master_base_key 
  • opha_backup_master_location: $self->{app_path}/conf/conf.d/backups
  • opha_master_config_location: $self->{app_path}/conf/conf.d
  • opha_conf_files_url: $self->{app_path}/conf/peers
  • opha_max_backup_files: 2
  • opha_restart_nmis_needed_sections: The sections for NMIS that require a daemon update.
  • opha_restart_omk_needed_sections: The sections of the configuration for OMK that require a daemon update. 
  • opha_role_list: ['Poller', 'Master', 'Portal', 'Local']
  • opha_config_file_types: ['NMIS', 'OMK']

Known issues

These are the know issues from this version (Will be solved in next releases):