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opEvents uses its own set of numeric priorities for events, ranging from 0 to 10. This priority value is saved in the priority event property.

As events generally originate from external sources with their own priority concepts, a bit of translation is required. The following table describes the mappings between event priorities in opEvents and related services: how syslog and email messages sent by opEvents are marked, and how events sourced from NMIS are classified.


PriorityopEvents PrioritySyslogNMIS LevelEmail Priority
0debugdebug (7)n/alow
1infoinfo (6)n/alog
2normalnotice (5)Normallow
3warningwarning (4)


4 n/a n/anormal
5minorerrorerr (3)


6majorcriticalcrit (2)Majorhigh
7criticalalert (1)Criticalhigh
8fatalemergencyemerg (0)Fatalhigh
9 emergencyemerg (0)n/ahigh
10catastrophicemergency emerg (0)n/ahigh

opEvents' standard parser rules will only generate event priority numbers in the range of 0 to 10 (inclusive), but it's generally ok to use numbers above 10. From version 2.0.8 onwards opEvents replaces negative priority numbers by priority 0.

From version 2.2 onwards, opEvents also (re)sets the level event property on event creation (computed from the priority and substituting the nearest available level name for untranslatable priorities, e.g. 4). Please note that this is purely for display purposes; opEvents bases any decisions exclusively on the priority value.