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NMIS 8.6.8G

This maintenance release of NMIS was published on 10 Jul 2019.

Highlights for the 8.6.8G release

  • Various modelling improvements
    updates for Arista and Arris devices,  new models for Dell switches, updated and extended modelling of the Host Resources MIB (with plugin),
    adjustments for Cisco Catalyst IOSXE devices, Nexus CBQoS modelling, substantially improved modelling for Net-SNMP devices.
  • The node selection, scheduling of operations and process management have been reworked extensively, and NMIS spreads the load now better and more evenly.
    • the new config options nmis_max_nodes_per_collect_cycle ,   nmis_max_nodes_per_services_cycle  and nmis_max_nodes_per_update_cycle  were added to optionally limit how many nodes should be considered at most for an operation cycle.
    • the new commandline option abort_after=N  instructs NMIS to abort unstarted collect operations for candidate nodes after N seconds (default: 60).
      Any candidate nodes that remain unhandled that long after start up are skipped (and the fact is logged), so that the next NMIS invocation can safely pick candidate nodes without overlap.
  • Misbehaving Service test programs are now handled more consistently.
    All exit codes outside of the required range of 0-100 are logged and interpreted as the service being down.
  • The webtest example Service test program now supports sending custom headers using -H.
  • some minor GUI improvements related to node editing
  • JSON event logging was extended
  • NMIS' data export now includes both average and max data from rrd.
  • The NMIS selftest is now less likely to produce false positives and runs faster.
  • The default data retention periods for historic events has been reduced to 7 days.
  • Various installer improvements, improved robustness and reduced number of repeat questions
  • A new stateless event named 'Interface ifAdminStatus Changed'  is raised when an interface's administrative status changes
  • The installer now handles Debian 10 (Buster), and NMIS works correctly on Debian 8 to 10.
  • Various minor adjustments and fixes for the NMIS graphs for better display with recent rrdtool versions
  • Robustness improvements for WMI, for pinging with restrictive firewalls and for backup polling
  • NMIS now supports Authentication using the host's PAM infrastructure.
  • Escalation emails for failing or restored services now include the service's Description if present.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

NMIS 8.6.7G

This is a maintenance release of NMIS, which was published on 17 Aug 2018.