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Click in the button "Refresh OS Info all Nodes" for to update the OS Info for all the local nodes. In this case, it would not take into account if the node is active for opConfig or not for a node to be selected.

This button will update the OS information for a node based on the file OS_Rules.nmis, located in the configuration directory by default. This These rules are based, mostly, in on the sysDescr configuration attribute. For this to be set, the community string must be correct and the device should had have been successfull successfully polled from NMIS at least , once. We can check this attribute - information, among others - , in the node information, by clicking in the node name.


  • No nodes match your selections and the config set filters! A config set has a set of filters that has to mach with the selected node properties. For example, the selected Config set has the following filter:

Code Block

"filter" : {
      "activated.opConfig" : 1,
      "connection_info.transport" : "SSH",
      "name" : [