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  • opHA 3 Getting Started

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  • Check that omkd_url_base is set in the poller. 
  • opcharts_url_base and opcharts_hostname can be blank, but the key needs to be defined. 
  • Check the registry for opCharts in 
  • Check that the pull is working for that server. 

Peer Capabilities


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In the following url, http://server/en/omk/opHA/peers/CLUSTERID you can perform several actions about the following peer capabilities:

  • Pull Peer Data: The master will request all peer data enabled - except for nodes from version 3.2.1. Since the last synchronisation date. This action is performed periodically (cron job) for all peers.
  • Clear Latest Data: Will remove the last synchronisation date, so the next pull will be complete. 
  • Sync all nodes: From 3.2.1. The master will send all the nodes to the peer. This means, if the peer doesn't have a node, It will be created. If the master does not have a node and the peer does, it will be removed from the peer. You can read more in Centralised node management page. 
  • Rediscover: From 3.2.1. The master will update the peer data, this is the registry url access, the user and the server name, based on the peer information: 
    • opha_api_user: From opCommon.json config file

    • opha_url_base: From opCommon.json config file

    • server_name: From nmis config file, Config.nmis

Upgrade to version 3.2.0 and later.