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Please, notice that in case the server has nodes already, the nodes should be exported and imported again with localised_ids once the cluster_id was is changed, as the nodes information won't have the same cluster_id attribute and they will be treated as remote nodes (They cannot be edited, or polled, as an example). 


Different situations have being been identified causing this issue: 

  • If the same node name exist exists in more than one poller, and the configuration item opevents_auto_create_nodes is true, a new Local node will be created in the primary server. This is because, the event is just identified by a node name, and the primary cannot choose with which of the remote nodes assign assigned the event. 
  • If there are two Main primary servers: This situation can cause chaos in the environment, as both primaries will change the nodes from the pollers. 
  • Also, if some catchall data is duplicated in the primary, we would be looking some nodes as duplicates in opCharts.