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"opha_api_user" : "omkapiha",

Teapot error: error saving node to remote

in the GUI if you observe the following error:

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Check the /usr/local/omk/log/opDaemon.log and if you see the following lines:

[debug] current_app_log: bad log, application_key missing

[error] NodeData::update_resource Error creating node in remote. Reason: 418 I'm a teapot

[debug] 418 I'm a teapot (0.127757s, 7.827/s)

Validate that pollers and primary have the same types set in nmis9/conf/Config.nmis for each of the following: 'nodetype_list', 'nettype_list', 'roletype_list'

An easy way to do this is using the tool:

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/usr/local/nmis9/admin/ -r /usr/local/nmis9/conf/Config.nmis roletype_list
/usr/local/nmis9/admin/ -r /usr/local/nmis9/conf/Config.nmis nettype_list
/usr/local/nmis9/admin/ -r /usr/local/nmis9/conf/Config.nmis nodetype_list

If mismatched then update, restart daemons (nmis9d and omkd) then rediscover poller.