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opConfig 3.2.1

Released 7th June 2019


  • Improved opConfig dashboard performance
    • By default the unique commands widget is disabled enable using 'opconfig_dashboard_command_summary' in opCommon.nmis

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Command Collection jobs under virtual operator did not have a clickable name
  • Auto Command Collection virtual operator report fixed page rendering issue
  • Plugin errors will use 'Plugin Error' as type under the ops report, this was blank before

opConfig 3.2.0

Released 8th May 2019

This is a major release for opConfig it introduces a GUI refresh for the whole application and Virtual Operator a tool to help run commands


  • New GUI
  • Virtual Operator a tool which helps create new jobs comprised of nodes and commands
    • Create a new job with nodes, command sets or tags
    • Schedule for now or later
    • Annotate with a name and description
  • Virtual Operator Report View, shows all run commands, derived data and conditions from a virtual operator job
    • Condition Troubleshooting
      • If a virtual operator job has raised conditions you can troubleshoot off this condition which creates a job with command sets filtered by this tag
      • Jobs are linked to the parent if it has been created from a conditions troubleshooting button.
    • Ops report for the current job is shown to highlight any failures with the running job
    • Derived column in the report can be expanded to show derivied data and condtiona data
  • Quick action buttons which are created in conf/table_schemas/opConfig_action-elements.json
    • Quick actions are templates for virtual operator jobs
    • You can add title, description nodes and command sets to be run, createa new virtual operator jobs with all data filled out
  • New dashboard to give an operational view of opconfig
    • quick action buttons are included on the dashboard
    • Old dashboard moved to "Changes Dashboard"
  • opconfig-cli must require root or nmis users or a user who is the member of the group nmis
  • Improved Search for Command Sets
  • New Search Screen
  • Command does not inline diff with the last revision, this is now through Compare Command Outputs
  • Support optional command exec field for command set command sections
  • Optional port for SSH under node connection options
  • GUI shows if change detection is on for the current command
  • Command view shows last 5 run commands

BugfixesBug fixes

  • Commnd Command output now correctly displays XML
  • If opevents_auto_create_nodes is true and opconfig_import_nodes_activated is false the result will be opEvents=enabled and opConfig=disabled