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  • Upgrading from NMIS8 compatible applications to NMIS9 compatible applications

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Some new installers handle upgrading from NMIS8 compatible OMK applications to NMIS9 compatible OMK apps automatically. Therefore, please start from one of the applications which are automated; you will then be able to upgrade the remaining products without any issues. If none of your applications are not in the "Automated Upgrade process" list please follow the "Step by Step " upgrade process" below. 

If you are installing OMK apps which do not do automated upgrades (as without access to an automated upgrade (those not listed in "Automated Upgrades process"), the installer will prevent you from installing the application, unless you follow the "Step by Step" process below or until you have completed the upgrade with an Automated Upgrade Process application

titleWARNING - READ Before upgrade

Once you install your first NMIS9 compatible application any of your original applications will no longer operate until they are upgraded as well. (none of your current data is destroyed).