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opCharts 4.2.6


29 Sep 2021

This release includes:


This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Baseline tool updated interface elements to use the ifDescription. 
  • opAdmin: Fix where extra override information was saved with the node. 
  • opAdmin: sysDescription not saved as part of node configuration. 


opCharts 4.2.



8 Dec 2020
This release fixes an issue where bulk updating nodes in System > Edit Nodes would fail 9th March 2021

We recommend NMIS9.2 and greater for this release.


  • Improved query performance for nodes panels when showed as a resource.
  • New action in opcharts-cli setup-db, this updates opCharts indexes in MongoDB on install and can be manually run from the cli.
  • Node topology now supports ipv6
  • opcharts-cli act=import-subnets has improved debug logging, set debug=1 to see how its calculating subnets
  • opcharts-cli act=clear-subnets removes all cached subnets in the database.
  • Two new configuration items items to help change sizing of components
    • "opcharts_gui_default_component_size" this sets the components sizes across the application, excludes node detail view

      • Default is 210

    • Before this release the component size was hard coded as 280 and would cause certain components to render larger than desired
      • "opcharts_gui_nodes_detail_component_size" this changes the size of the components in the node detail view.
      • Default is 280
  • Inventory view for concept interfaces shows enabled and disabled interfaces for collect.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in opCharts where a large amount MongoDB connections were created and retained.
  • Fixed issue with node resources not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue in node resources title bar where the resource would show interface or no resource name at all.
  • Fixed issue where imported network maps were not auto fitting to the current screen size on load.
  • Fixed issue where resizing the screen would cause the inventory view buttons to disappear.
  • Fixed issue when editing dashboards and "Dashboard Component Height" input would not represent the true value.
  • Fixed issue where the inventory view "enabled" and "historic" buttons would have not honor show and hide both being un-selected.

opCharts 4.2.2

 29th Jan 2021


  • Business Services Interfaces table can now be configured by the schema file "opCharts_business_services_interfaces.json"
  • Inventory search improvements
    • is now searchable in the GUI with iregex
    • is now searchable as a string match
  • LLDP Improvements
    • If NMIS9 has LLDP neighbor in its inventory opCharts will use its currently polled neighbors interface to show utilization and metadata
  • CDP Improvements
    • If NMIS9 has CDP neighbor in its inventory opCharts will use its currently polled neighbors interface to show utilization and metadata
  • Improved the panels in Business Services including a new Monitored Services Panel
  • If the Interface or Node Panel cannot find any performance or utilization data it will show "No Data" instead of rendering nothing
  • Business Services have improved rendering of panels into rows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed update-subnet-dependancy throwing an error about not finding subnets.json, we have migrated this feature to use the internal cache database.

  • Fixed issue where the subnets cache would not expire old inventory.
  • Fixed issue with LLDP and CDP neighbors adding duplicates or not adding a neighbors at all.
  • Fixed a silent error in opCore with logging.
  • Various template enhancements.
  • Maps
    • Fixed issue in Maps when trying to use Cola Layout
    • Fixed issue with Maps not always obeying Zoom Lock.
    • Fixed issue when creating a map and it throwing an error about its preset layout.
    • Fixed issue with maps when the view would not center correctly once loaded.
    • Fixed issue with maps and the loading spinner not hiding.
    • Fixed issue with maps and the background image not stacking correctly.
    • Fixed issue with older imported maps from opCharts3 throwing warnings in the browsers console.
  • Panels
    • Node panels would not honor configuration item "opcharts_gui_display_node_ssh" on all views.
    • Fixed issue where node panels would not honor "opcharts_gui_node_panel_display".
    • Fixed issue with not panels when set as KPI and not using NMIS9 weights, this will fix the issue with colored by levels.
    • Fixed issue where the string would not be shortened on interface panels.
  • Fixed Potential DB connection leak.
  • Fixed issue with node resource api not using the UUID correctly.
  • Fixed issue with our api controller not honoring fields_hash when pagination params are not passed.
  • Fixed issue with stacking and the CBQOS chart

Changes with Configuration Defaults

  • In the shipped opCommon.json file "opcharts_gui_node_panel_display" has changed from KPI to Resource

  • New config item "opcharts_gui_node_performance_button" see more on MSP features

opCharts 4.2.1

8 Dec 2020.


  • opCharts installer has automation to help upgrade from opCharts-3.x to opCharts-4.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where updating the nodes will have inconsistent NMIS activation with nodes imported from nmis8 and having the property
  • Fixed issue introduced from opCharts-4.1.3 where bulk updating multiple nodes would try and fail to create new nodes instead of updating the selected nodes
  • Patched external lib which caused opCharts_a_external_packed.js to throw errors on a small subset of browsers.

opCharts 4.2.0

 30 Sept 2020.


  • Metrics and Health Component now works for RBAC users.
  • You can now create custom charts on the Primary with poller datasets
  • You can now search by regex in the node edit screen

Bug Fixes

  • Node resources now references the model as a source of truth in what to show, if you remove an item from the model it will not display in opCharts.
    • Removed the requirement with not using _raw in the model
  • Chart editor now supports negative number in the multiply field
  • SSH link in the nodes list view now correctly create the URI
  • Removed Topn link from the menu for RBAC users as this did not work

opCharts 4.1.1

Released 3rd July 2020

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with inventory where the toolbar to change inventory never appeared.