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  • Release Notes for Open-AudIT v4.0.1

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If you're upgrading from 3.x, please see the Release Notes for Open-AudIT v4.0.0 and the associated blog post for Open-AudIT 4.0.0.



There are a couple of caveats for Windows users.

Windows 10 - You will need to manually create a task to schedule starting Open-AudIT (at computer start-up). Open a new command prompt as an Administrator and paste in the below.

Code Block
schtasks /create /tn "Open-AudIT Start" /xml "c:\omk\install\Open-AudIT_Start.xml" /ru System


If you are upgrading from an earlier Windows release of Open-AudIT you will need to open the file c:\omk\conf\opLicense.nmis (it's a text file) and copy the encrypted string (just the string itself). When you log in to Open-AudIT, you will be offered to obtain a license. Click the button on the lower left to "Restore my License". On the next screen, click the button on the left "Enter a License Key". Paste in the encrypted string and click the "Add License" button. Then click the Open-AudIT entry in the list on the right (to be taken to Open-AudIT).

Apologies for these caveatsthe caveat, we plan to address these this in a future release (ASAP).