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Code Block
titleMinimal Example
package Event_State_Example;
our $VERSION="0.0.0";

use lib "/usr/local/omk/lib";
use strict;

use OMK::Common;
use OMK::opEvents;
use OMK::Log;
# arguments: the line (currently being parsed),
# and reference to the live event properties
# returns: (status-or-error)
# zero or undef: parsing for this event is aborted, 
# and no event is created.
# 1: indicates success, event is created and changed event
# properties are incorporated.
# any other value: treated as error message, changed event
# properties are NOT incorporated but event parsing continues.

sub parse_enrich
	my ($line, $event) = @_;

	my $confCommon = loadOmkConfTable(conf=> "opCommon", dir=> "/usr/local/omk/conf");

	my $logger = OMK::Log->new(level => $confCommon->{"omkd_log_level"} || 'info',
															path => $confCommon->{'<omk_logs>'}."/opEvents.log");

	my $OPE = OMK::opEvents->new(config => $confCommon,
                              	logprefix => "Plugin::Event_State_Example",
								log => $logger);
	$event->{Plugin_Used} = "Event_State_Example";

	return 1;



opEvents-4.41.1 has a new interface to make working with the opEvents object easier, to retain backwards compat with your current plugins set  set opevents_parser_plugin_use_events_obj: "true" in opCommon.json


We have provided the current functions to make working with opEvents easier, we plan to add to this list overtime and if there is something your think is missing and could make working with opEvents easier please contact us.



Creates a new event in nmis4.1.1

node event element details level

event hash and error message or undef


Creates a new event in opEvents4.1.1event (hash)event id and error message or undef


Updates a opEvents event4.1.1

eventid (string)

upddates (hash)

1 or 0 for success / failure and undef or error a error string


Acknowledges an event4.1.1

eventid (string)

1 or 0 for success / failure and undef or error a error string

opEvents 3.2.4 Changes

From 3.2.4 opEvents sends an opEvents objects so all the resources can be reused in the plugin., in version 4.1.1 set opevents_parser_plugin_use_events_obj: "true" to retain functionality with $OPE in the below documentation