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  1. Edit the Event Actions (Got to System, Edit Event Actions) and create a new script (Please, replace with your configurations):  
    1. PRIMARY-URL (this is the Primary server the event will be sent to)

    2. USERNAME (A user account on the Primary with Admin rights)
    3. PASSWORD (the password for the USERNAME account)
    4. Authority (this is the button label that will appear on the Primary)

    5. POLLER-URL (this is the Poller-server sending the event, used to link back to the originating event from the Primary)

      Code Block
      "opevents_primary" : {
                  "exec" : [ "/usr/local/omk/bin/", "-s", "", "-u", "USERNAME", "-p", "PASSWORD", "authority='
    1. POLLER 
    1. HUMAN 
    1. NAME'" ],
                  "arguments" : [ "location=http://
    1.", "", "event=event.event", "details=event.details", "time=event.time", "", "element=event.element", "interface_description=event.interface_description", "type=event.type", "priority=event.priority", "level=event.level", "nodeType=node.nodeType", "state=event.state", "stateful=event.stateful" ],
                  "output" : "save",
                  "stderr" : "save",
                  "exitcode" : "save"

      Please note, you can edit the event information that you want to send. 

  2. Add a new policy in the Event Actions file: 

    Code Block
           "100" : {
                "IF" : "event.priority >= 1",
                "THEN" : "script.opevents_primary()",
                "BREAK" : "true"

    Please note, you can edit the condition and send just the events that you want. 

  3. Test the remote event: